FIND AN EXPERIENCED REALTOR even if the realtor is retained after contract signing.  There is much less chance of misunderstandings and missed deadlines, which can be costly on both sides.  The return on your investment can be invaluable.

ASK FOR CLOSING COSTS from your title company and you will likely save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. Get all your estimates in writing. You may also use our closing costs calculator for your transaction.

FIND A LENDER AND REALTOR YOU TRUST to ensure you are getting professional, reasonably priced services. We are very proud of our lender and realtor professional relationships and we are happy to recommend their services for your settlement needs.

A PROPERTY INSPECTION is vital for both buyers and sellers and the cost is usually just a few hundred dollars — well worth it to provide peace of mind and to know what kind of house you’re getting.

COMMUNICATE with your real estate professionals and the other party to a transaction. Keep the seller apprised of how you are proceeding with closing – if things are on track or if you expect delays in the process.  Parties and their realtors who are able to discuss and resolve all the issues in the process will likely enjoy a smooth closing. 

DO A WALK-THROUGH with your real estate professional one last time just before your closing. Make sure repairs you requested have been made, no major changes have occurred since you last viewed the property, and that the sellers left anything they agreed to leave and took all their belongings. Also test electronics and appliances, such as the doorbell, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and oven, to ensure they’re functioning properly. Do the same with the hot water heater and heating and air conditioning systems. Walk the yard to be sure no plants or shrubs have been removed.

FOR SALE BY OWNER transactions have their own benefits and drawbacks. Please be sure to speak with our counsel for preparation and/or review of your contract and other specific details of your transaction to ensure a smooth settlement process.

ADDRESS SIGNING ISSUES as soon as possible!  We will resolve issues as they arise but keep in mind we need to have all necessary documentation at settlement on your intended closing date. Make sure all buyers and sellers are available to sign the day of closing. Otherwise we can send documents out of the state or country for signature and we can arrange for the buyer or seller to execute a power of attorney prior to settlement.

ASK US if you have any questions related to closing. No question should go unanswered. If you are uncomfortable with any aspect of your transaction and would like legal assistance, we direct your questions to our affiliate law firm to ensure your satisfaction with the closing process. Do not sign documents transferring legal title to your property without consulting an attorney.